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Do You Have a Book in You?

Check out Spokane Authors!

We are authors of all ages and various levels of accomplishment, from those published by NY houses, to writers just starting out. Our organization is a place to network, to learn about publishing and promotion, and to make new friends who understand the writing life.

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Many members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers are available to speak to various groups and organizations.  Go to “Members” at left and click on names with a triple asterisk (***) to find contact information, subject matter, and expected (if any) compensation. 


Spokane Authors

meets the SECOND FRIDAY of the month at:

Corbin Senior Activity Center

(Lower South Room)

827 W. Cleveland Ave.

Spokane, Washington

The meeting room is available at 1:30, we get underway at 2:00, and leave no later than 4:30 pm.


Spokane Authors

also meets on the THIRD SATURDAY of the month at:

St. Francis of Assisi

(social hall)

1104 W. Heroy Ave.

Spokane, WA

These meetings will also begin at 2:00 pm. and we must be out by 4:00 pm



Join us on Friday, April 12, 2024

President Carl Northrup will continue to discuss the creative part of writing, complete with some unique and clever writing prompts.  We will see what members came up with using writing prompts selected at our last meeting. 


Join us on Saturday, April 20, 2024

We will continue to have an open forum relating to the craft of writing. We may also have a chance to see what members have done with the writing prompts mentioned above.


The “PROGRAMS” page (to the left) is where you can learn about upcoming Spokane Authors meetings, member events, group events, and other writer related happenings in the local area.


Read about our March 2024 meetings!

Read about our February 2024 meetings!




View videos of our presentations at:

SASP on YouTube




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Visit “Members” at left to learn more about our members and their books

The latest edition of SASP NEWS is available via “Newsletters”

“NEWS” lists books by current and recently current members that are available on Amazon/Kindle


A Free Read!

SASP Member J. B. Rivard has offered to let us post his latest work on our web-site. Find Dangerous Parallel by clicking above.


A Member Web-Site you might want to visit!

Elinor Young


Click here

for a list of local Artists, illustrators, photographers

 willing to work with local authors to create cover illustrations and more


          We meet on the second Friday of each month at the Corbin Senior Activity Center, 827 W. Cleveland Ave., Spokane, WA.  The meeting room opens at 1:30 PM and the meeting starts at 2:00 PM, when we introduce any guests in attendance, our featured speaker or other event.  Following our premier event, we break for 15 minutes and then reconvene for club business and reports from members and guests about their writing, publishing, and marketing efforts.

          We also meet on the third Friday of each month in the social hall of St. Francis of Assisi, 1104 W. Heroy Ave., Spokane, WA. These meetings also start at 2:00 pm

          We encourage members to bring and display their published books at our meetings. There is a table where you can place your books for viewing or sale.  You may also donate books or other items of interest as door prizes.

          The president usually conducts a drawing for any donated books or items for SASP paid members. Guests and unpaid members may purchase a drawing ticket for $1. (Members may also purchase additional tickets for $1.)

          We invite and encourage guests to attend our meetings. We are sure you will find help and encouragement from fellow writers and will want to join us. We enthusiastically welcome guests of individual SASP members.

          To join Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers, simply attend a meeting and pay your dues for the year. If you cannot attend, mail your dues and contact information to the address below.

          Membership dues of $15 are due in January. (Initial dues are $15 if joining in December, January, February or March; $10 if joining in April, May, June, or July; and $5 if joining in August, September, October or November.) To avoid being dropped from our roster and Web-site, please mail your renewal to: SASP, P.O. Box 18573, Spokane, WA 99228-0573. Since we now meet at the Corbin Senior Activity Center and at St. Francis of Assisi, there are normally no other individual expenses involved with membership in Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  If you wish, you may contribute to the fund for supplying refreshments for our members and guests.

          Chuck O’Connor, Elmer Freeman, Joe Meiners, and Dan Volmer established this non-profit organization. They wanted to share with others their interests in writing, producing, and publishing their own books. SASP held its first public meeting November 1998. The founders want members to share their experience, expertise, and resources for mutual benefit. Membership is open to anyone, published or unpublished, who is interested in self-publishing. (Over the past ten years the organization has grown to include writers, poets, photographers, artists, and illustrators, and those attempting traditional as well as self-publishing.)


Here are our bylaws.

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