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Popular Pod-Catching Software Programs (Aggregators)

(All are free downloads)


Apple Itunes Store:







Podcasting-Making Software and Sites


Audacity (free recorder and editor):


Pod Producer (podcast making) & : PodOmatic (free hosting:)


Libsyn (hosting):



Podcast Shows For Writers


I Should Be Writing:


Grammar Girl:


Podiobooks (Free podcast novels):

            (Podiobooks also provides free webhosting for author’s novels.)



Books About Podcasting


Podcasting for Dummies by Tee Morris and Evo Terra.


Tricks of the Podcasting Masters by Rob Walch and Mur Lafferty.


Of General Interest


Chautauqua Scholarship Program:


Author! Author! (Anne Mini’s blog):


Agent Query:


Publishers Marketplace:


Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA):


Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR):


Gray Dog Press:


Richard Harland’s Writing Advice Web-site:


Idaho Writers League Blog:


The Writer’s Portable Mentor (Priscilla Long):


Book Design and Layout:


2nd Look Books (Spokane):


The Well Read Moose (Coeur d’Alene):


Outskirts Press:


Guide to Starting a Blog:


Ageless Authors:


Funds for Writers:


Indie Audio:


Info for Writers:  Thank you Amelia and Stacey for telling us about this site!


General Information & Free Downloads:


Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) program:


David Gaughran:


A guide to writing basics:


Web-site building information:


On the business of writing:   Thank you Alex and Grace for telling us about this site.


More Writing Information:  Thank you Michelle and especially daughter Hannah for letting us know about this site.


Still more about Writing:  Thanks to fellow SASP member Tom Wallace for pointing this one out!


Inland Northwest Writers Guild:




 SASP Members’ Web-sites and Blogs


Links to current members’ web-sites and blogs can be found on their Member Web-pages.

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