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This page lists titles of books written and published by former and deceased members.

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Barber, Devin   Cosmic Journeys


Bennett, Jim   Once A Marine…


Bratcher, T. A.   The Road Chosen


Brockett, Don    The Tyrannical Rule of the U. S. Supreme Court


Brown, Andy   Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base

Christine, Helen (Foster)   Full Disclosure 

Christine, Helen (Foster)   The Lenders: A Novel About Mortgage Fraud


Church, John   Pasadena Cowboy - Growing up in Southern California and Montana 1925 to 1947


DeHart, Phoebe "Peggy"   Chronicles of a Western Family, Vols. 1-2, Cheechako

Dorfman, Allen   Reaching: A Vietnam War Novel


Drake, Annette    Celebration House, Bone Girl (aka Trombone Girl), A Year with Geno


Duryea, Cindy   The Wall

Dymond, Al-Jack   Willow, Horses, Cattle and Men


Estes, Karen   Plane of the Ecliptic


Ferguson, Bill   The Queen Street Kids And Some Fishy Tails (Poetry Too)


Freeman, Elmer   Those Navy Guys and Their PBY’s:  The Aleutian Solution 


Goodwin, Anna   Forbidden Justice

Hamilton, Orania   Cries of the Soul


Heffernan, John   Not One Drop of Blood


Hillebrand, Timothy S.  The Perfect Home Business List Business Manual


Hughes, Terry   Burning Paradise


Jorgensen, Ann   Kitchen Basics 101  


Kowal, Patricia   Stillpoint


Leon, Rich   Nature Exploring in Eastern Washington and North Idaho

Marsden, Michael A.  The House in Harrison, The Man in the Closet, A Walk in the Rain


Ochse, Bobbie Colliton   Nana’s Magic Closet


O’Connor, Charles   Fortuisms, Rhymes and Reason & Missed Fortunes and Other Calamities


Pillsbury, Robert   Crossroads:  Stories and Essays from a Wandering Mind


Prince, Juanita   An Amazing Journey to Health


Rae, Kathy   The Jewel of Hope: Book 1: The Hope Trilogy, Ducky Day or Yucky Day… You Choose,

Deprogramming a Bully: Book 1: The Barber Chair Series


Robinson, Loren   Hold Until Spring


Roloff, Jim   Mending God’s Creatures: True Stories of a Small-Town Veterinarian

Saty, Molly   Put Sparklers on my Grave


Stackelberg, Roderick   Out of Hitler’s Shadow


Stinson, Jim   Remembering the “B”


Stultz, Mike   Wings of Ice


Vasquez, James     Men Who Knew Jesus Well, Women of the Bible: Their Stories in Verse, Prophets of the Old Testament:  A Classic Collection of                              Biblical Heroes in Verse, Words Jesus Spoke – In Verse, The Psalms – In Verse, Prayers from the Bible – In Classic Verse


Verhoef, Margaret Albi and Seedorf, Rita Gard   Letters from Brackham Wood: A Moira Edwards Mystery,

Letters from a Wary Watcher: A Moira Edwards Walker Mystery


Vollmer, Dan   Crossing America by Water, Toy Boats And Other Boating Short Stories, Folksongs, Poetry & Nursery Rhymes by Unknown                                 Authors


Waldrip, Sherry   I Don’t Remember Signing Up For Cancer


Wickes, Diana   Home Is Where the Heart Is

Wickes, Diana   Elegy to My Montanan: A Widow’s Song


Wilkens, Emily   African Rice Heart


Williams, D. A.   It’s Conspiracy by any Name, Just an Average Dilemma, Bishop’s Revenge, The Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Wood, Stanley A.   Four Eyes


Wright, Nancy A.   Yankee on the Yangtze


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