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          Sometimes I come across a marketing idea that excites me.

A close-up of a person smiling

Description automatically generated          We all struggle with marketing our books (isn’t it enough just to write them?) and if you don’t struggle with this particular aspect of writing, please share your ideas with us. Most of the time, the old (rephrased) adage of “if you write it, they will buy it” doesn’t apply.

          Most of you have your books available for sale on Amazon. Some of you have set up an Amazon author page and linked all your books to that page. I have set up my blog to post to my Amazon author page automatically, which saves time and puts me in front of even more potential readers and buyers.

          Another resource is a Facebook author page (separate from your personal Facebook account), which will also receive a copy of your blog post. You can also solicit followers to your Facebook page to visit and sign up from your web blog.

          I use WordPress for my website/blog. I have not been diligent about updating it lately, which I need to do to take advantage of the features listed above, as well as the many other advantages of having a website.

          Dave McChesney has done a wonderful job of keeping up with our SASP website. He has created another avenue for promoting your book(s). If you are a member and current with your dues, SASP’s website will host an author page for you, and will list all your published works, including thumbnails of the front cover and a link to your book on Amazon.

Finally, and this is the one which really got me excited, I subscribe to ame (author marketing experts) by Penny Sansevieri. A link to her newest blog is: Unique Author Branding and Content Ideas Using October Observances. I found it full of ideas and I can’t wait to employ some of them.





          While we sent out a request for volunteers nominations to fill our ballot and enable us to have elections this fall, it seems that we do not have candidates for all positions. Nor do we have any position with more than one individual vying for it.  Currently we have individuals who have agreed to run for and serve as president, vice-president, treasurer and one of the advisory board positions.  We need someone to run for and serve as A person wearing glasses

Description automatically generated with medium confidencesecretary and fill the other two advisory board spots.  If you currently hold any of these positions and want to continue, let us know so we can add you to the ballot.

          The positions of Public Relations, Web-Master, and Editor are not elected but are filled by volunteers.  Those individuals have indicated they will continue. 

          Please let it be known if you wish to stand for a particular office or position no later than Thursday 21 October.  That will allow time to get a ballot assembled and sent out no later than Thursday the 28th.  It can then be filled out and returned or brought to our meeting on Thursday 4 November.  (We’ll also have blank ballots there for those who forget or don’t get them.) 


          Because of the Pandemic we haven’t been screaming for dues, but as we get back to meeting on a regular basis, we need to have everyone up to date.  We want people who are running for office to be current, and we want people who vote to be current.  Please check the current and accompanying roster to see if you need to pay.  You can bring cash, check, or a money order to a meeting or mail a check or money order for $15.00 to:

Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers

P. O. Box 18573

Spokane, WA 99228-0573

          I check the mail weekly, and if we receive any dues payments, I take those payments directly to our financial institution for deposit. 

          If you are ever looking for our mailing address, it’s on the front cover of each and every issue of SASP NEWS, as well as at this spot in each newsletter.  It’s also on the Welcome Page and the Membership Forms page of our web-site.  I hope that helps.   


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Hello again fellow SASPers and SASPerillas,

          My wife just found the following in Country Living magazine. I assume that most authors’ homes look something like this.  (Actually, I substituted photos from my own house in place of the similar photos that originally accompanied this article.  Also, I like the writer’s writing style/phrasing, and thought you might identify with the subject matter.)

          A room without books is like a body without a soul.”  While the sentiment behind this phrase (commonly attributed to Roman philosopher Cicero) is some 2,000 years old, the words feel more relevant than ever.  In this era of the ephemeral, transitory tidbits of information and decluttering at all costs have fallen into favor at the expense of a happily hoarded home library.  But building a personal collection of books is character-building in the richest, truest sense.  As is the case with any well-designed room, the personalities in the pages (Jane Eyre, Mr. Darcy…) invite you to sit and stay awhile.  But here’s the plot twist:  Perfection has no place here.  Like the most memorable and relatable literary characters, the most interesting bookshelves are beautifully messy and a tad unpredictable.  Symmetrical stacks?  No, thanks.  We’ll take a few titles that tilt.  Color-coded spines?  We prefer a happily mismatched miscellany.  Add a quirky or sentimental object to punctuate a pile, and you’re well on your way to a home that better tells your own story.  And isn’t that, dear reader, the whole point?


Two satellite dishes got married.  The wedding wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent.


“So you’re selling that wig for a dollar?”  “Yes, it’s a small price toupee.”





          For most of my life I had this naïve belief that approximately ten percent of the population were selfish jerks and the rest of us were decent human beings, but in November of 2016 it was proven to me that the percentage of egotistical, mean, racist idiots was much higher, more like 50 percent.  I have been somewhat disappointed, demoralized, and dejected ever since. 

          And now, as the Covid pandemic continues, I must add angry and scared to this list.  These morons are now endangering my life, my friends’ lives, and my family’s lives.  The pandemic would be over with by now had it not been for millions of selfish sub-humans running around yelling, “You’re infringing on my rights by making me wear a mask and/or making me get vaccinated.  I have the right to infect [and possibly kill] other people.”  No, you don’t! 

          And now we’re sending millions of children, under the age of twelve, back into the classroom – totally unvaccinated!

          The number of cases is rapidly rising with this new wave of the Delta variant.  You may take it lightly – until it happens to you or someone close to you.  But me:  I’m a big chicken, so I’m just going to hide in my fraidy-hole until all of the anti-vaxxers die off, which may be next year or the year after or seven years from now.  I’m fond of all of you (except that one guy,) but I like myself and my family even more.  So I’m going to have to resign as your president, because I ain’t goin’ into the Golden Corral where half of the throng are unvaccinated* and all are eating without masks.  Perhaps Sue can take over and/or those of you still alive and well on Sept 2 may want to hold an election.  I shall miss you.

          If you believe in God, may she/he/it/Ed/they be with you.  See you on the other side.

*It’s understood that a very few people cannot be vaccinated.


Jim, born on the wrong planet




          Last night I sat down to begin putting this issue of SASP NEWS together.  After I received and inputted Jim’s presidential message, I found that my mind was too conflicted to keep going.  Thus I’ve set it all aside and am now back at it on Thursday afternoon, a week before our scheduled meeting.

          Can’t say I blame Jim for not wanting to go to meetings these days, and I understand his need to resign as president.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  We have a vaccine, actually three that are very effective.  We can wear masks to help curb the spread of this dangerous and often deadly viral infection.  Yet there are those who refuse a jab in the arm or the presence of a mask over nose and mouth, simply because they insist it interferes with their so-called freedom.  However, their irresponsible action interferes with our right to be at less risk for falling prey to this deadly pandemic.  I firmly believe that if everyone eligible for the vaccine would have gotten it as soon as possible, and that if everyone would wear a mask when asked or required, we’d be over or nearly over it all.  We’d be much closer to normal and we could expect more of our members to show up at our recently resumed meetings.

          As far as I know, we are still on track for our September meeting on Thursday the 2nd at the Golden Corral on North Division.  As I prepare this issue of SASP NEWS, I understand we do not have a speaker scheduled, so it looks like it will be another informal gathering as was our August meeting.  That does give those of us willing to brave the risk of the Corona Virus a chance to get together and catch up on our writing endeavors.  If you consider the risk to be minimal and have time, please stop by and renew your acquaintance with fellow SASP members.  At the same time, if you feel it is too much a risk, no one in the group will think less of you.  We’ll see you when things are more settled.

          I have to apologize.  As I begin work on this issue I realize there were a number of things I could have worked on and posted on the web-site, since our last meeting and prior to now.  I guess I’m just out of practice.


          Because of the Pandemic we haven’t been screaming for dues, but if you want to pay, the easiest way is to mail a check or money order for $15.00 to:

Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers

P. O. Box 18573

Spokane, WA 99228-0573

          I check the mail weekly, and if we receive any dues payments, I take those payments directly to our financial institution for deposit.  Once we are meeting again, you may also bring you payment to a meeting.

          If you are ever looking for our mailing address, it’s on the front cover of each and every issue of SASP NEWS.  It’s also on the Welcome Page and the Membership Forms page of our web-site.  I hope that helps.






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