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Greetings to all,

          I hope this month has been a productive time of writing for all of you. It has been for me. I was house bound for the duration of the extreme cold weather. And, I don't recommend this, but a bout of acid re-flux, at 2 in the morning, spawned a new story for my book of shorts. Not the inspiration I normally look for, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

          Now on to the upcoming meeting… at this meeting, February 9th, we will have a guest speaker that has a graduate degree in fiction writing. Ben will be talking about character development, with a secondary subject of punctuation and sentence structure. Ben invites as much discussion as possible from all of us. So, bring something you are currently working on, be it a short story or novel. If your work is of the non-fiction variety, character development is still just as important so please bring it.

          Remember, if you get to a point in your writing where you are pulling stumps and your 4x4 is stuck in the mud, there is a whole list of folks in our roster that might be able to lend some traction.

Hope to see all of you on the 9th.

Carl Northrup/Nathaniel Bennett President

Author of:

The Ant Doctor and A Penny for Your Thoughts




A close-up of a person smiling

Description automatically generated          During the cold snap we experienced on the Saturday we were to meet at St. Francis, Carl, Dave, and I talked about some needed changes.  One of the subjects was due to the number of members at the regular Spokane Authors meetings.  We may change the configuration of the members’ seating.   Instead of having tables and chairs all facing in the same direction, we thought a School Circle would be best.  That is a technique that allows each person to see all the other attendees.  I believe seeing each other is important and promotes more interaction. We just may try the circle style at this coming meeting.

          Secondly’ if time permits, I will relate to you how my recent book signing on the 27th of January at Barnes & Noble in the valley went.  I changed the way I approached and talked to people.  I would usually sell up to ten books at an all day, six-hour signing event.  In a four-hour signing session, using a new technique, I sold almost forty books. Like I said, if time permits, I will relate to you what I did that was different. That leads to another area I will bring up, writing reviews.

          I hope to see as many of you as possible.  If you have a friend who is interested in what we do, writing, bring them along.  My mother used to say: "The more the Merrier!" Maybe that is one reason I had seven sisters, eh, I love them all.  But it was hard at times...

Have a happy day, see you at SASP!

Bob Manion Vice-President  




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Description automatically generated          Each month when I send out the newsletter, I also enclose an updated copy of the roster.  I hope you are checking this, both to make sure your contact information is correct, and also to see if you are up to date on your dues.  If you do not have a “24” in the 4th narrow column to the far right of your name, we show you as not yet paying for the current year.  Remember!  In a month or so, those who are not paid up will come off our website’s “MEMBERS” list.  There will be no link to your Member Webpage.

          Speaking of the roster, if you haven’t noticed, there is a second page or “sheet 2.”  This provides a basic amount of information about each of our members… what we write, skills we may have and wish to share with others, and so on.  (I think Carl talks briefly about this in his column.)  Again, let me know if that needs to be updated or completed.  I can only include what you provide to me.  As always, feel free to let me know of any upcoming author-related events you may have scheduled.  I can’t add them to the website or include them in the newsletter if I don’t know about them.  Please allow some lead time so word about your event(s) can get out to your fellow writers.

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Description automatically generated          If you have visited our website lately, you may have noticed that in a couple of locations I’ve posted a potential new logo for our organization.  This is a result of something that was mentioned at the special meeting we had back last March, the one in which we decided to meet at the Corbin Senior Activity Center.  The thought was that we should maybe drop the “self-publishers” part of our name.  Even though I am proud, as I am sure many of you are as well, to be self-published, there are those who are turned off by the expression.  My thought is that we don’t really need to change the name, but rather we should emphasize the “Spokane Authors” portion and minimize the “Self-Publishers” part.  So, when I think of it, I’ve been trying to do just that as I put the newsletter together and put items up on the website.  I’ve also devised a new logo that leaves out the “Self-Publishers” part.  Let me know what you think, and maybe one of these days we’ll vote on it, if we need to go that route.

          Here’s the logo idea.                  

Text, letter

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          The seed catalogs have all arrived, giving us visions of new things to come. In this New Year we need new seed to get new stories to sprout.

          In 2023, when Janice and I planted our garden some of our bean seeds were old and wouldn't germinate. We replanted three times: (From the seeds that did germinate we had a bountiful harvest. More than enough for our needs and lots to give away.  Ideas are like seeds, if they are old and haven't germinated yet, get some new ideas (seeds). My vision for 2024 is to help each other germinate new ideas so that our writing can flourish.

          Example:  Maybe Inky the Spider goes down to Texas to visit his cousin, Terence Chula. If he takes the train down, he can pretend he is a hobo spider.

          In this way we can plant seeds with our fellow authors. Sometimes a little cultivation is needed and if the soil lacks nutrients, I have enough fertilizer for everyone...

          When an idea sprouts, we can all help water it.

          I would like 2024 to be a community garden for SASP. Let's grow some stories!

Carl Northrup (Nathaniel Bennett) President




As the dolphins said: So long, 2023


          We have elected new officers for next year. They will officially take office at our January 12, 2024 meeting. They will be Carl Northrup, President; Bob Manion, Vice President; Linda Sonntag, Secretary; Dave McChesney, Treasurer; and the Advisory Board will consist of Esther Hildahl, Bob Weldin, and Mary DeBord. Marilee Hudon will still be doing public relations work and social media outreach.        I have spoken with Carl Northrup, our incoming president, and he has some exciting plans for the new year. I hope all of you will support our new slate of officers and that the SASP group will have a fun and productive 2024.

          It has been a pleasure to serve you since we began meeting after the COVID-19 shutdown was lifted. Our first meeting consisted of (if memory serves me) eight members. We have grown and survived through many changes and setbacks since then, and I am confident the new officers will lead us successfully through the next term.

          As Douglas Adams would have said, “So long, and thanks for all the fish… until January 12, 2024.”

Sue Eller  (former) President




          Here it is a new year, and we have new guys up front.  SASP President Carl Northrup and I welcome you back to a new agenda and shift to the art we all share, writing and getting our work into the hands of readers.  I ask myself, “what will rejuvenate us as a group of writers, a bit older and a bit younger than those before us?”  So let us merge ages together and do what we love to do, write, edit, pitch, and sell books.  Whether it’s a poem, prose, short story, novel, or just written patter; let’s get it into the hands of readers.

          Topics proposed include, putting a story together, character development, memoir formats, romance writing, the short story, writing a review, play acting, e.g. pitching to an agent, beta readers and editors, how to write dialogue (thinking in two or more minds), and advertising. This list is just a few of the many subjects we can share with each other at our meetings. Occasional speakers sharing their experiences will be a bonus.

          It is my hope and goal to get our group to share, critic, suggest, and assist each other.  I know this is a shift, but one we can all benefit from.  We can meld our monthly primary meeting in with our Saturday group.  Why are we limited to only one or two meetings.  We can promote smaller groups that get together to give a three-minute report on what they have done or the pitfalls they have encountered.  Let us all get together and charge into the new year.  Let’s get our books on the bookshelves.  Let us be speakers and ambassadors to other writing groups, social clubs, schools, etc.

Bob Manion Vice-President (Incoming) 




          2024 looks to be promising for our organization, with new leadership and a second monthly meeting.  We plan to focus more on the craft of writing and will look for any amount of expertise.  If you believe you have some, contact our new Vice President, Bob Manion, and possibly he can schedule you for a presentation or workshop.

          Please send me information about your upcoming events as soon as you possibly can.  I can’t list it on the website or include it in SASP NEWS if I don’t know about it.  The newsletter is published monthly, and it can take a few days before I get something posted to the website.  I want to help publicize your signings, craft fairs, and other author events.  I can’t do that if I am not aware of them.  As well

let Marilee Hudon know about your events so she can get the information out on social media.  While she is no longer Vice-President, she is still our public affairs person. 

          We are in a new year and dues for 2024 are due.  I thank the twenty-six individuals who have paid dues for 2024.  That means approximately twenty who were members for 2023 have yet to pay for 2024.  There are also people on the roster who last paid for 2021 and 2022.

          Those last paid in 2021, we will be removed from the roster and all mailing lists.  We will send you your member webpage and delete it from our files.  Your books will no longer be listed as being available on Amazon.

          Those last paid in 2022 or 2023 will remain on the roster, mailing lists, and the list of books available on Amazon.  They will not be listed  on the website “Members” list, and there will be no link to their member’s webpage.

          We typically delay such actions until the end of March or so, which should provide plenty of time for dues to be made current.  We do not ask anyone to pay back dues, but simply to pay for 2024.  



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