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Various SASP members

Celebrating Spokane Authors:

A Collection of Poetry, Essays, and Short Stories   B077GBTQ67


D. Andrew McChesney:

Beyond the Ocean’s Edge:

A Stone Island Sea Story                       B008TXC332

Sailing Dangerous Waters:

Another Stone Island Sea Story                          B00HF9Y05K


James Parry:

Book All the Teachers:

An Irreverent Ride through Middle School              1501042211


Bob Weldin:

The Dry Diggin’s Club                         0578106825

The Adventurists                                  153027253X


Sue Eller:

Return from Armageddon                 B005JVAJKQ

Meadowlark Madness                         B0097D599I

Send in the Drones                          1726834662

The Gluten Free Gourmand               150853134X

Taming of the T-Bird                            1505963982


Beth Camp:

The Mermaid Quilt and Other Tales   B0090VHKBC

Standing Stones                                  B00I3RYFW6

Years of Stone                                     B00LF3FY4S

Rivers of Stone                                    B077M1TFLP


Kate Poitevin:

Saving Tir Gaeltacht (original, entire story)      1503167844  B00QJA8B3I

Saving Tir Gaeltacht (part One)               1986153959

Saving Tir Gaeltacht (part Two)          1986179486

Saving Tir Gaeltacht (part Three)       1986179923


Joyce Caudel:

The Hat Pin Murders                           1936178397

The Hat Box Mystery                           1481959107

A Hat to Die For                                    1530028612


Chuck Lehman:

Angels Three Six                              B00KMJXQR8

The Big Woods                                   B007SQ4CTE

Asher                                                    B00HNZ6TTG

Lazarus Arise                                     B007R0NPW6

The Shepherd                                     B00HJBN4P6

Rogue 6                                              B01H7N8G2G


A Story of Survival and Intrigue        B01H5W4V64


B. J. Campbell:

Close Calls: True Tales of Cougar Bob 1936178044


Bob Manion:

Santa’s Heroes                                     1936178095

The Tree House                                  B004IZLHLE

Springer’s Heart                                   0978850742

Summer Rain                                     B00ZM3S2IM

Vampire and the Cop                       B00ZM4BBOS


Vampire Justice                               0996864415

Sabrina’s Promise                              0996864407


Sandra L. Mason:

(Illustrated by Natalie J. Apodaca)

N is for Nativity                                     1517614880


Don Brockett:

Tyrannical Rule of the U. S. Supreme Court B01GW712VU


Stan Parks:

Jakob’s Ladies                                      1532910762


Tiffani Harvey:

A Journey to Independence               1533499438

Revised and retitled

Freedom Seeker

Growing Independent                          1533499926


Fred Jessett:

My Name is Tamar                            B00DH3REWO

Drummer Loves Dancer                   B073H2RP7P

Getting Past Point No Point              1725865211


Lewis Meline:

Lies Exposed! The Truth about Diets… 0997915501


J. B. Rivard

Illusions of Magic:

Love and Intrigue in 1933 Chicago B01EGSC8N8   0996836306

Illusions of Magic: The Movie          B0751RL53G   0996836330


Larry Danek

I Am the Ghost In This Body:

The Nomadic Ghost                    B01I0Z500Q

Jed’s World                                   B00MWDJ1YY

Ghostly Reunion:

A Nomadic Ghost Story               B077KHR33M

Runaway Ghost:

A Story of the Nomadic Ghost            1986978605



Esther J. Hildahl

Meadow Pond                                       154244828X   B072FS1CLL

Mr. Inky: Spider with an Attitude        1542451248   B07177PLGX

Marie’s Marvelous Tomato                 1548307653   B073SFTS74

Poopie the Fly and Friends             1724038427   B07HNQLKMW 


Kathy Rae:

The Jewel of Hope ( Book 1): The Hope Trilogy   1500236578

Ducky Day or Yucky Day…You Choose      154139142X

Deprogramming a Bully (Book 1): The Barber Chair Series   B06W5NP6Y1


Margaret Albi Verhoef &

Rita Gard Seedorf:

Letters from Brackham Wood: A Moira Edwards Mystery      B00JEMX656

Letters from a Wary Watcher: A Moira Edwards Walker Mystery   B01EKOH02C


Russell H. Ford

De-pop                         159849175X         B019NGA00Q

Re-ring                                                    B01IRW4XVY


Wayne Kyle Spitzer

That Thing We Killed                           B076QF8XZY

Comes a Ferryman                               B074SJF1TJ

The Tempter and the Taker                B074SV557F

The Pierced Veil                                  B074STJMGW

Black Hole, White Fountain               B074SY83RW

To the End of Ursathrax                     B074SWXM61

X-Ray Rider 1                                        B0755QN1N6

X-Ray Rider 2                                        B0755PY9NB

X-Ray Rider 3                                        B0755QPM67

Algernon Blackwood's "The Willows," a Scriptment         B07575JDFS

Flashback                                         B07689XLTX

Flashback Dawn: "Naaygi"               B07836PYT5

Flashback Dawn: The Devil’s Snambnala         B078NHDKZN

Faraway, Nearby                            B076PNH7V8

Behind a Pale Mask                         1973289415

Wet Bark                                         B077RJ463S

Killer in the Looking Glass             B0779DM1QH

Lean Season                                   B074VD53SF

How About a Coke and Some Fries?    B077TPR77D

Flying the Fog Roads of Cascadia        B077WTSXZN

Red Marillion                                  B077M3ZHWP

Coffin Road                                     B076XQY5FK

Napoleon                                        B076FBPRYV


Azalea Dabill

Falcon Heart                                   B00VOEQXIO

Falcon Flight                                     B019YRTIR0

Lance & Quill                                   B010ZD7PVS

Path of the Warrior                          B00W4JYHL8

Falcon’s Ode                                   B075ZZBPKR

Nightshade & Knitbone                  1943034109


Karen Jean Matsko Hood

Blood Heiress                                    1592108857

Bloom of Autumn Gold                        1592102166

Huckleberry Delights                         B0045U9U34    1596493852

Transracial Adoption                         1594346690

Transracial Adoption Guide                 1594346704

Petting Farm Fun                                 B00H5X0Y2E   1594346186

Finding Rudolph                                B074JZPG9X    1598082957

Morning Reflections                          B00DH70LVG   1930948557

(Recently updated and corrected)


Tom Wallace

To Kill a Poacher:

A Psychological Case Study

in Empathic Health and Applied Spirituality     0595475442


Ed Des Autel

III Minutes To XII                      B07B3YDPLK   1641382511


Marilee Hudon

Waxing Is Useless                     B07HY4Y85T  172128186X


Joan Carter

Gray Swallow                            B07PXM1VXC


Sonja Mongar

Two Spoons of Bitter                           069205524X


Michael Zargona

Turn Red Tomorrow                                   B07Q7TNLTC   1092144404


M. Kari Barr

Once Again Tales of Destiny                     B07H8Q5CJD    1732140103

They Came From the Sea (D. P. Waters, co-author)         B07FDK1VKG   1722744367   (audio) B07GC5WXS2

Thinktacular Thoughts (Illustrated by Stoyan Dobrev)                          B07GNYD2C4

Rain on Me: Poetic Frenzy                               B07GNVPQX9   1468123378

Arcadium Autum Emporium: Tales of the Gate Keeper                    B173214012X


Dennis Held

Betting on the Night                                   0966861280


Gena Bradford

I Can’t Rest Now, Lord! I’m Responsible…           1072677067


Phillip Jones

The Casebook of Thadeus Rede & Other Stories             B00HWXAWTW  1492181730

Inventions and Discoveries: A Trip Through History          B00FBHNFRW  149038460X

Forensic Science for Writers: A Reference Guide             B008Y2MX8S  1475267207

Criminal Investigators, Villains, and Tricksters: A Trip Through History      B00DVP4YHQ  148279960X

Visit : www.amzn.com/e/B003ZPI81K  for information about more of Phillip’s books.


Gail Saunders

Cluckenstein: The Halloween Chicken                                1946882054


Asia Rachel Cohen

Fire of Thorns          B07YW6838N   1973671298


Lauri “Midge” Cline

Prey to the Order: An aon Lah Hathra Adventure B07Z48BR56   1700086456

Wyndham Hall                                    B07FY59VRP   1723480436

Shadow Blades (The BREED Fae Chronicles) B07MDT8B52   1791691226


Kylea Carter

Out of the Sand                                          B01E4FARAE


Johanna Price

Raising Buckshot: A Family’s Experience with Autism                B00RKH993A   1483420205




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