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Hereís a sample form we can all use for book reviews. Iíve created it in Microsoft Word 2007 so that you can easily cut and paste the synopsis part into your blog, on Amazon, or on other websites as applicable. Be sure to send it to Dave McChesney for our SASP website as well.


For the synopsis and opinion sections, a few pointers:

         Some sites (like Amazon) want you to rate the title. If it isnít required, I donít like to give number ratings.

         If you canít say something positive, donít say anything at all. Negative reviews reflect back on the review writer as well as the author of the book.

         Tell enough about the story to entice people to read the book themselves. Donít spoil it for them by telling them too much.

         Say something about how the book impacted you personally, or what it was about the book that you found entertaining or helpful.

         Keep it simple and keep it short. A sentence or two is plenty for the synopsis, and add a couple of sentences on why someone should buy the book in the opinion section.


I believe the more reviews you write Ė like on Amazon, for example Ė the more exposure for the author and book you reviewed, and also for yourself. If you are on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, post a link to your review with a few words about the book and author.


Donít forget the ďavailable atĒ section if you are posting this on your own website or for SASP. I like to list the local bookstores first, then other indie bookstores, and finally the big sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


If youíre still stumped, look at some examples. Our website has some, individual member websites sometimes have them, and you can also find reviews (good and bad) on the big sites like Amazon.


Wishing you many happy reviews!


Sue Eller